IIT JAM Preparation 2023 – Last Minute Tips & Tricks 

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Students can feel a lot of stress in the weeks before an exam. You might worry that you haven’t studied enough or that you’ll only remember what you’re studying right now. 

But…never It’s too late to really improve your preparation for IIT JAM 2023, so let’s make the most of this time by doing the following: 

Last-Minute IIT JAM Preparation Tips 

1. Solve Previous Year Question Papers& Mock Test Papers 

Try to answer as many questions from last year’s papers as you can. It will let you know what kinds of questions people usually ask. Also, do practice tests that you can find online. This will help you improve your strategies and how you use your time. 

2. Revise All the Topics of the Syllabus 

Make short flash cards to help you remember things at the last minute. Reviewing is a must for any test. It will help you remember everything you talked about. So, always go over the whole course before the test. Spend more time reviewing the topics that are more important than others. 

3. Not Start a New Topic at the Last Minute 

Do not make the mistake of attempting to begin a new topic at the eleventh hour if you have forgotten to cover some of the topics on the syllabus. Instead, focus on going back over the material you’ve already covered. 

4. First Cover More Weightage Topic in the revision 

Some subjects are more important than others. These things will help you get a good grade on the test. So, revise this type of topic first, and then move on to the topics with less weight. 

5. Concentrate on Imp. Formulas 

On exam days week, focus on the important stuff. Because research says that if you focus on important formulas this will help you boost your score. 

6. Focus on Diagrams and Graphs 

If you concentrate on diagrams and graphs then you can learn easily and within a short period of time. It will help you to save time and increase your learning ability. 

7. Proper Rest & Relaxation is Very Important 

If you are studying continuously for 3 to 4 hours without taking a rest, then this is not good. Because 5 to 10 minutes rest is very important after every one-hour work. So, you should take a break when you study for an hour. 

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Must be Aware of IIT JAM 2023 Exam Pattern 

For each subject that IIT JAM exam, there is a different set of questions. For each subject, candidates have three hours to try to answer 60 questions. IIT JAM 2023 has three parts, which are called A, B, and C. The following is the format of the IIT JAM exam: 

Section Type of Questions No of Question 
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) 30 
Multiple Select Questions (MSQs) 10 
Numerical Answer Type (NAT) 20 
Total 60 

Must Be Aware of IIT JAM Marking Scheme 

Only Section A of the IIT JAM question paper has a negative marking scheme. Check out the list of points for IIT JAM 2023 below: 

Section No of Questions Marks 
10 MCQs 1 mark each 
20 MCQs 2 marks each 
10 MSQs 2 marks each 
10 NAT Questions 1 mark each 
10 NAT Questions 2 marks each 

End Note 

Therefore, several excellent tips and tricks for passing the IIT JAM have been given above. Follow these last-minute IIT JAM preparation tips to ace the exam. 

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All the best! 

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