What functions does a Tally have that a Spreadsheet does not?

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Tally ERP vs Spreadsheet

Businesses were heavily reliant on spreadsheets in the beginning, but are gradually migrating to better alternatives such as Excel to Tally. With its advantages, Tally accounting software has definitely eliminated this competition in a brief period of time. What is Tally ERP accounting software? Tally ERP software is used for accounting and auditing in businesses. Numerous benefits of Tally ERP increase business productivity.

Differences between Spreadsheet vs Tally ERP:

Tally and spreadsheet both accomplish the recording and representing functions, however, there may be several drawbacks that make the usage of spreadsheets objectionable, such as:


Features:Tally ERPSpreadsheet
Errors unknown:Though Tally appears to be designed to contain as few faults as possible and to alert users well in advance if there are any prospects of errors developing.It was discovered that the spreadsheet may have some unknown errors that are normally not visible and may mislead users with false information in the spreadsheet.
Lower Privacy:On the other hand, Tally based VM allows multi-users & only authorized users can access the account.Spreadsheets with important data can be shared easily with unauthorized parties, compromising the privacy of your data.
In-accuracy of data:Tally encourages utmost accuracy because it accepts the actual value of invoices and other reports before producing a sheet with precise information.Spreadsheet data should not be taken at face value. Because the data entered by a specific person might not match with the backed system. For example, a sales report generated by the salesman may differ from the one available in the accounting program.
Loss of data:Tally, on the other hand, takes the necessary measures to secure your private information.These spreadsheets are located on your local PCs and may not be regularly backed up, therefore there is a chance that the data will be lost. This might result in data leaks that ultimately degrade the security of your data.
Duplication:Any form of duplication is not necessary for Tally.When entering data into the spreadsheet, you may frequently need to enter the same information twice, which might waste time.
Lack of automation:Tally, on the other hand, focuses on automation by automating every transaction for recording, reporting, and representing transactions.Spreadsheets are ineffective at automating tasks and procedures. Automating the pools of information might be challenging.  

Which is better: Tally ERP or Spreadsheet?

• It offers operations in multiple languages and tax assistance for efficient management.

• Tally helps you keep your cash flow, balance sheet, P&L account, and other financial accounts up to date automatically.

• Tally offers businesses a wide range of online services while being easy to use and manage.

• There are numerous integration capabilities in Tally ERP 9, and it also takes precautions to safeguard your tally data.

• The excel to tally import utility program allows you to import any Excel data into Tally, where it may then be formatted as needed.


Spreadsheets have significant drawbacks that cannot be avoided in the modern world, despite the fact that they can be a very practical solution. Tally accounting software, which is capable of performing multiple tasks for accounting and auditing purposes, can be an ideal tool for your organization when combined with Cloud computing. Host your Tally on Cloud, if you wish to use Tally remotely from any location at any time using PCs or other devices.

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