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In an office, glass dividers are fantastic. They may offer your workspace a truly professional appearance while also assisting with seclusion and soundproofing. And when they are made of glass, they particularly look excellent. Glass office walls are not only fashionable, but they also open up the area so that employees can see one another and don’t feel too enclosed.

Satkartar Glass Solutions, the leader in office glass partitions in Delhi and NCR brings the top tips on how to clean your state of the art glass partitions-

Tips on Cleaning

  • Any new aftermarket product should first be tested on a discrete region. Make sure the glass doesn’t respond negatively.
  • Make sure the cleaning materials you use are clean. You will produce dirty partitions if you employ dirty cleaning supplies.
  • To clean and polish, use a sturdy kitchen towel or a microfiber cloth. The final shine will be entirely dependent on how you complete the task.
  • If the stains are particularly difficult to remove, call in the experts. Otherwise, you risk breaking the glass. When the glass is difficult to clean, you would hire a professional window cleaner to clean your exterior glass; the same should be true for partitions.
  • From top to bottom, proceed. Once more, this will greatly simplify your task because you can deal with any drips or streaks as you go.
  • Always start by cleaning any structure. The glass will definitely wind up getting a little smudged in the process. Furthermore, if you don’t have to, there is no reason to repeat the task.
  • Sometimes soap and water will do. And if you clean your glass barriers frequently, it may very well be the case. Warm water should be added to a bucket, along with a small amount of soap. Avoid using too much soap, as this can result in a streaky finish. Use a squeegee and move from top to bottom in the reverse S shape for the greatest results.
  • To keep your glass partitions clear, prefer hiring a professional cleaner. These items are really helpful, just like when you’re trying to figure out how to clean a mirror. Glass cleansers are considerably softer and won’t scratch the partition than normal surface cleaners. Additionally, the substances are considerably better at making your glass glisten because they are used.
  • White vinegar and water can make an excellent cleaning solution if you’d prefer to use something more natural. All you need to do is combine one part vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle. To remove the stains and revive the shine, spray straight onto the glass and wipe with a kitchen towel or cloth.

A maintenance free glass partition is a myth to be honest. The experts of modular glass partitions in Delhi and NCR, Satkartar Glass Solutions feels obligated to provide you with some maintenance tips

Tips on Maintenance

  • The main cause of the aluminum alloy partition’s deterioration is the glass’s corrosion and deformation. Maintaining the cleanliness of the aluminium alloy is important, particularly the cleanliness of the splicing junction. The rubber strip and the tank’s dust buildup can both be removed with a vacuum.
  • When in use, the aluminium alloy glass partition should be gently pulled and pushed in the direction indicated during installation.
  • Instead of using regular soap and washing powder, as well as strong acid and alkali sanitizers like decontamination powder and toilet detergent, you can clean the aluminium alloy glass partition by wiping it down with a soft cloth dipped in water or neutral detergent.
  • The adhesive strip and gasket are essential for sealing, sound insulation, and waterproofing; if one fails, they must be promptly fixed or replaced.
  • For sanitation, kindly use full-effect sanitizer or another gentle sanitizer. After absorbing the sanitizer with a gentle, slightly damp towel, wash it with water.
  • To prevent damage to the glass, avoid using sanitizers that contain abrasives or powerful acids.
  • To prevent leaving scratches, cracks, and ditch holes on the glass surface, avoid striking the high partition wall directly with sharp objects.

If the glass office partition is properly maintained, it may extend its useful life and keep its rigidity, which will boost people’s security. Office partition maintenance is crucial since it can reduce the need for repairs and the price of new partitions. If you have any concerns regarding partitions it is advised to contact the best. And what better experts than the firm who boasts as the most premium installers of single glass partitions in Delhi NCR-Satkartar Glass Solutions. By all means call us for a free consult.

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