No More Burning a Hole in Your Pocket with These Apps for Back-To-School Shopping!

While many students are cheerful about returning to school after the pandemic, others are befuddled about the same. 

What’s more? Parents too are bemoaning the back-to-school season! 

What’s the big reason? 

The rise in expenses, majorly on school items, has already increased by 8% from the 2021-22 school year. 

One of the major reasons behind worrying about increasing expenses is the inflation that is highly impacting people’s lives. 

Indeed, the rise in prices and expenditure has pushed people to emphasize their budget, and they rather prefer e-learning for their students. 

Fortunately, this article will precisely mention some of the exceptional mobile apps that are worthy considerations if you want to cut down on your back-to-school shopping. 

So, let’s get started.

Save on Back-To-School Shopping: Here’s How! 

Here are the note-worthy apps:

1. Rakuten

How does the idea of receiving cashback sound to you every time you shop online?

Awesome, right?

Well, now the dream has come true via Rakuten, which pays cashback to its members for their online shopping. 

All a user needs to do is sign up for the account and launch the same at the time of shopping. Furthermore, when a customer buys items from a retailer, the commission is shared by the app that they get from these stores. 

However, what’s essential to mention is that the percentage of commission varies. Not only this, but the application also offers an additional $30 Referral Bonus if someone you’ve referred signs up for the app. 

2. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is a browser extension, a website, and an app with a customer base of around 12 million users. The mechanism is such that deal hunters share deals, discounts, coupons, etc., from some of the best stores, after which the deals get vetted via a voting system. 

For instance, if a customer finds a massive discount on a product, others can confirm the same or appear with the best deals. 

Additionally, the app’s cashback rewards program allows shoppers to acquire perks via PayPal, Giftcards, etc. 

3. Flipp

Flipp is a platform that aggregates store ads that are delivered from door to door along with presenting the best deals. 

A user has to launch the app and enter their zip code. Then, the app will automatically list all the local retailers along with the sales and coupons that they are offering. 

While there can be hundreds of retailers listed, a user can browse by entering the name or go through all of them to search for the best deal.

4. PayPal Honey

If you want to save more, PayPal Honey is the platform for you! 

Notably, the app has enabled customers to save more than $100 million as the platform monitors the users’ shopping activity and applies the best deals available. 

Intriguing, isn’t it? 

Again, this platform also provides cashback and enables customers to drop items on their wishlist to keep an eye on the dropping prices. 

For users who are interested in purchasing back-to-school items at lower prices, they can download the PayPal Honey app through PayPal. 

5. Amazon’s Warehouse Deals and Amazon Coupons

Indeed, everyone’s familiar with the working mechanism of Amazon, and it’s one of the most popular platforms in the U.S.

Surprisingly, it has features users’ might be unaware of that can help customers save money!


Many people are interested in buying second-hand items from thrift stores. Similarly, Amazon’s Warehouse offers exceptional deals on refurbished products that can help save a massive amount of money.

Furthermore, some of these items are also qualified for free shipping, which adds to the advantage! 

In a Nutshell 

E-commerce mobile apps have their own fanbase, and they have ‘n’ number of benefits to offer to their customers. 

For instance, you ask? 

Some of the best pros of e-commerce apps are as mentioned below:

– Enhanced brand recognition

– Wider customer base

– Higher conversion rate

– Elimination of cart abandonment

– Personalized shopping experience


What’s more? 

Now that you’re familiar with the potential that applications hold in selling their goods and services, how about building one for your business? 

Yes, you’ve heard it right! 

You can create a digital space that’ll help your business skyrocket! 

Therefore, get in touch with a top mobile app development company in US for further assistance! 

What do you think?

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Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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