Nurx Vs Pill Club Makes Getting Reproductive Healthcare Easier Than Ever

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In some states, even reproductive healthcare can be purchased online. Thanks to telehealth, getting birth control delivered to your door has never been easier. The platforms of Nurx vs. Pills Club (previously The Pill Club).

In terms of simplicity of use, both Nurx and Pill Club are comparable. The birth control prescription you require can be obtained by filling out an online health profile and working with a member of your state’s medical staff.

Then your medication will be provided.

If you don’t have a regular doctor, these platforms make it easier to receive birth control. This is how Nurx and Favor compare in terms of telehealth, in case you’re curious.

The Methods They Use

In terms of online birth control, Nurx Vs Pill Club both offer it, but the processes differ slightly. They operate in this manner.

Nurx Provides Medical Teleconsultation Services

Nurx offers telemedicine services for a wide range of medical conditions. For birth control, you’ll need to choose which form of Nurx is best for you. If you aren’t sure what kind of birth control you want, you can fill out a questionnaire on the Nurx Vs Pill Club website.

As a patient, you may prefer an in-person meeting with your doctor rather than an online consultation if you have a lot of questions.

You can pay $15 for a doctor consultation and fill out a short questionnaire about your medical history, or you can use a Nurx Promo Code.

As soon as you’ve figured out which method of contraception is best for you. This subscription includes unlimited communication with the Nurx medical staff for a whole year.


Female entrepreneur Favor has created a platform for sexual health, skincare, and menstruation care. In contrast to Nurx, Favor is a woman who established a platform for sexual wellness, skin care, and menstruation care.

It was formerly known as The Pill Club, but it underwent a rebranding in 2022 to better reflect its expanded offerings.

If we compare the Pill Club vs. Nurx comparison, we can conclude that the Pill Club is superior.

This programme is designed to make the process of getting a prescription for birth control as simple as possible by bringing together doctors, pharmacists and patient care teams in one spot.

You can use Favor to get a new prescription or renew an old one. To get started, simply create an account and fill out a profile with some basic information about your medical history.

You will receive a text message from the Favor medical team after they examine your information.

If your state’s telehealth criteria demand video audio or face-to-face participation, a video call will be scheduled.

If your profile is accepted, a prescription for an appropriate birth control pill will be written for you by the medical staff based on your preferences.

At Favor, you’ll find more than 120 FDA-approved brands. If you have insurance, the cost might be as low as nothing. A one-year supply costs $6.9for 9 per pack if you don’t have insurance. Whatever method you choose, there is a $15 annual medical fee for all birth control subscriptions.

Types Of Birth Control That Are Available

Both the Nurx and the Pill Club methods of birth control are compared in this article.


More than 50 generic and brand-name birth control options are available through Nurx.

Birth control can be accomplished in five different ways:

  1. pill
  2. shot
  3. ring
  4. patch
  5. as a last resort, access to contraception


Favor specialises in the sale of birth control pills, offering a selection of more than 100 different brands. Optional contraceptives include the hormonal birth control ring and the emergency contraception pill. Adding an internal (female) condom to your birth control is possible if you request it.

Both the Nurx Vs Pill Club and the Nurx Vs Pill Club come with a free care package. With your birth control, you’ll also receive a box filled with tasty treats.

There are a variety of items that can be included in these packages, such as sweets, stickers, and samples.


Depending on whether you have insurance and what you’re getting, the prices for each system vary.


At Nurx, all methods of birth control, including emergency contraception, begin at zero dollars if you have health insurance.

If you don’t have insurance, you will be charged the following rates:

The tablet packs cost $15 each.

Every three months, you’ll have to pay $75 for a shot. It costs $150 for each ring and is updated monthly. Patches cost $180 each, and they are released once every seven days.

A single emergency contraceptive medication costs $45 dollars (administered as needed)


With insurance, you won’t have to pay a dime for your online consultation or medication. Internal condoms and emergency contraception are both part of this plan. If you don’t have insurance, here’s what you may expect:

  • It costs $15 for an online consultation that includes one-on-one attention.
  • Birth control tablets cost $6.99 a pack for a one-year supply.
  • It costs $10.66 per pack for a 3-month supply of birth control pills.
  • Free of charge and with no strings attached; cancel at any time.


In the same way as telehealth in general is designed for ease of use, Nurx Vs Pill Club is as well. It is possible to answer a few questions about your medical history for both Nurx and Favor. Your information will be reviewed by their team of medical specialists. If medically necessary, a prescription for birth control will be written for you.

When you’re ready, we’ll ship it right to your front door. Nurx Vs Pill Club’s ease of use has gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Company Name Reputation

Club of Nurx vs. Pills Although the company has had its share of issues, Nurx maintains a decent reputation. New York Times reports that Nurx reshipped returns but opened prescription birth control tablets to new customers in 2019.

According to a statement from the company, only a small percentage of the company’s 1 million orders since 2015 were compromised.

The Times reports that Nurx executives wanted to alter the company’s policy on contraception for women over the age of 35. This is frequently prohibited by state medical legislation. When Nurx learned of the situation, they brought in a new team of managers.

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