The Comic Genius of Mad Ghost and their Unnamed Universe

Like many others, you are an ardent comic fan because someone put pen to paper and took you in and out of their creative process. Stan Lee, for example, built a universe that anyone could escape to when they felt weird, depressed, and insecure. Think of the Fantastic Four and Black Panther – those worlds and the characters they bring still appeal to our innermost senses.

What about Geoff Johns? Ever heard of him? Well, while fans may not consider him the GOAT of the comic scene, he has become extremely popular. As a seasoned writer, he has pushed lesser-known characters like Booster Gold to the limelight and added mythos to the Lantern Corps. How about that.

But, probably, his best work wasn’t until the Unnamed Universe came to life. That unique dimension brought Junkyard Joe, a beloved character.

Junkyard Joe

Junkyard Joe is one of the Unnamed characters – a group of strange heroes who have operated secretly throughout American history. Often emerging at times of war, their stories have not been told yet. For example, the tale of Junkyard Joe is that of deep-running friendship and sacrifice, of generations learning from one another, and of tragedy and healing.

Joe is heartbroken, frightened, violent, and funny, which also describes his origins. You first see him in Geiger #6, where he begins his solo adventures during the Vietnam war. First, there’s a young soldier name Morrie Davis who encounters a rather conspicuous soldier.

Convinced that what he saw wasn’t real, Morrie created a successful newspaper cartoon strip called Junkyard Joe. In the series, Junkyard Joe stars as an obedient soldier who never makes mistakes. However, he is more like a puppet, like many other soldiers, who only take orders from above.

What the Unnamed Universe is and How It is Growing

Johns created the concept of the Unnamed Universe to explore the consequences and realities of the Unnamed War, a conflict that turned life upside down. It destroyed civilization and forced people to move underground and avoid dangers like radiation.

Essentially, the Unnamed Universe focuses on comics that bring different perspectives to the universe. Geiger, for example, was the first published comic in the Unnamed Universe that focused on the titular character and his adventures.

When the comic became a success, Johns had to expand the story with ‘The RedCoat,’ another comic based on a never-dying warrior who has lived and fought through all American wars since the Revolution. How brilliant!

Such a fascinating universe could create many engaging storylines that comic book fans could follow. It’s safe to say that Geoff will, in the future, provide a unique alternative to people who’ve grown tired of some other universes.

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