What are the pros and cons of attending a Montessori school?

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A Montessori school is a new age concept that has brought revolutionary changes in the education industry. It has taken studies far beyond the four walls of a classroom and has made it all the more fun and exciting for the students. There are no more cries and tantrums in young children about going to school as the teachers don’t put any pressure on them anymore. Over the years, this schooling program has given countless perks to students who have just started their educational journey. 

The perks offered by this teaching methodology have made it popular amongst parents. Moreover, the increased demand also led many schools to start this curriculum option for their students. Therefore, you can conveniently find a private or an Indian public school in Abu Dhabi that follows this curriculum plan and enrol your child in it to yield maximum benefits. However, before start looking for such schools, it is better to educate yourself about the pros and cons of this teaching methodology. 

Pros and Cons of the Montessori Program

As mentioned earlier, there are plethoras of perks that students can enjoy if they choose this curriculum option. Some of them are:

  • It focuses on the holistic development of every child, rather than pressurizing them to only focus on getting good grades. The educators encourage children to try their hands in different sports and co-curricular activities to help them explore their areas of interest. 
  • The teaching happens through practical activities with equal involvement of every student. This way, children neither feel left out nor have to stick their eyes to the course books even when they are not interested. These activities are also helpful in infusing basic life skills in children that help them in their entire life.
  • Schools that follow this curriculum option have a supportive infrastructure with every possible facility your child might require. Expect to get sports grounds, fully-equipped libraries, smart classrooms, and plenty of activity stuff that will keep children engaged and interested in coming to school every day. 
  • The environment of these schools is nurturing and highly beneficial for a child’s mental growth. If you visit a Montessori school and observe carefully, you will find happy and relaxed children who are glad to be at school! 

There are plenty of other benefits of this schooling program that students getting enrolled can enjoy. The perks are not limited to the school journey; it helps build a character that helps children their entire life! 

Cons of Montessori

Like the two sides of a coin, this teaching methodology also has a few disadvantages. The primary con is that if your child is not adaptive to a free environment, he may start taking advantage of the freedom. There is a thin line between staying free and being undisciplined, and it would take efforts for parents and educators to convey that difference to the child. He may start considering school as a place where he only has to play, and the fundamental idea of academics may vanish somewhere.

Additionally, some parents might find Montessori a bit expensive. This is because their teaching practices, infrastructural upgrades, and activities take up a lot of costs that reflect in the higher school fee. However, if you want quality education for your child, keep the fee as a secondary measure. Also, the fee you pay is worth it when you do a proper cost-benefit analysis to find the best school. 

Ultimately, it is fair to say that Montessori has many benefits and is ideally the right choice for young children. The only thing that parents have to ensure is choosing the right school with the required amenities fitting their budget. Then, learn about their enrolment procedure and give your child’s career a promising and fruitful chance.

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