Top Benefits of Choosing an International School in Ahmedabad 

The majority of us are aware of the basic advantages of selecting an international school, but this article will explain some additional advantages as well as other ways that it can assist your child beyond the few obvious advantages.

1. Children who attend an international school are more likely to excel academically

The CBSE curriculum provided by Top International Schools has been carefully selected to support students’ learning using cutting-edge techniques that provide them a firm conceptual understanding of the topics.

The curriculum is given in a technologically advanced setting that includes smart classrooms, specialised labs for maths and science, platforms like HeyMath, and STEM-based education. There are other initiatives, such as Data Analytics, that assist teachers in comprehending each student’s performance and offering superior insights generated from raw data on how to assist them in improving upon weak areas. If you are looking for an Ahmedabad school you can visit Global India International School. 

By continually evaluating them throughout the year and providing them with academic guidance, the majority of top international schools in Ahmedabad make sure that all of its students perform well on tests.

Personal development to support children’s personality development

Physical maturation, emotional intelligence, social and self-awareness, and other factors all contribute to a child’s overall personal development. The curricula created for international schools are made to specifically target these qualities in a child. This is made possible by encouraging kids to participate in a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities and by providing the ideal environment for them to follow their interests and lay a strong foundation in them.

By enhancing their abilities under the direction of professionals, these activities also assist students in realising their full potential. Children are aggressively encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities through skill-based studios.

Sports, for instance, help kids develop self-awareness, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, whereas music and dance help kids focus. Creative thinking and thinking beyond the box are sparked by art.

A multicultural setting to promote cultural awareness

Some of the best Ahmedabad schools have this as a nice feature. So how can a student learn from cultural diversity? Children will be encouraged to be inclusive and knowledgeable of other cultures at a good school.

Children from various ethnic and geographic backgrounds make up the student body. This will inculcate important values like acceptance, understanding of other cultures, and the proper mindset to prosper in a global environment.

Even the teaching strategies differ, and teachers make efforts to foster a supportive learning environment for each child. The school proactively develops a global curriculum and conducts instruction in accordance with international teaching best practices.

Initiatives to promote community awareness and a responsive mindset

The best schools recognise that children need to comprehend the context of learning their concepts and how best to apply it in real-life circumstances, while the majority of schools only focus on getting good academic scores.

Children are made aware of the issues faced by communities and our society at large through community-based programmes and environmental efforts.

They are made aware of the value of preserving our natural resources through green projects, and community involvement is emphasised through visits to nursing homes and orphanages.

Highly qualified instructors that regularly update their skills

The ability to receive an education under the guidance of instructors who are knowledgeable about the CBSE curriculum and other curricula and who are qualified to teach the subject is the most significant of all the advantages.

They have a solid understanding of the technology utilised in their classrooms and are flexible enough to adopt new, more effective teaching techniques that are good for their students. In order to understand the subject matter, teachers and students frequently work together in an active learning environment.

Montessori schools’ recommended curriculum for pre-schoolers

The comprehensive Montessori curriculum, which is built on giving kids freedom and independence while they study in classrooms, is taught in international Montessori schools in Ahmedabad. The Global Montessori Plus Program (GMP), an excellent pedagogy, guarantees that your preschooler builds a solid intellectual foundation. In order to ensure that the kid obtains an education that meets international standards, it also incorporates the newest innovative teaching techniques and best practices.

There is exciting equipment and materials in Montessori labs that naturally stimulate your child’s desire to study and aid in the development of strong foundational abilities in literacy and numeracy. The GMP also adheres to the program’s five pillars, which help preschoolers learn new skills and develop a well-rounded personality.

Collaborations with prestigious universities that help with placements and additional guidance after grades 10 and 12

Many kids find their senior year of high school to be particularly difficult. They have to divide their time amongst academics, value-added programmes, ECAs, CCAs and their personal hobbies. Additionally, the majority of parents find the entire process of seeking for higher education opportunities to be a little intimidating.

This important matter is handled in an international school by academic mentors and education counsellors who advise students on their options for continuing their education. These international schools organise campus drives and university placement programmes that assist parents and students in making wiser choices.


The advantages of attending an international school in Ahmedabad included some of these. To put it another way, international schools will aid in giving your child the best possibilities to advance both their career and their quality of life.

The kid will learn to tolerate individuals from all walks of life and will grow up with strong ethical, social, and emotional values. This is especially advantageous when you consider how many countries are cooperating to address global issues in the twenty-first century.

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