What are the characteristics of private schools over international schools?

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Selecting a school for your children is undoubtedly one of the most strenuous tasks. Days of research, school visits, and whatnot can lead to dead ends. But not if you distinguish between a few key factors that can make a huge difference in your child’s future. So, here’s a comparison of private and international schools and a suggestion for your final choice. 

Characteristics of Private Schools

A standard curriculum is followed in all private schools. They teach complex subjects like mathematics and science in two languages. Still, their topics are primarily based on subject matters that apply to their region. 

Their faculty consists of local teachers, and all their exams and curriculum are based on the format followed by Indian schools. 

Characteristics of International Schools 

Frequently, parents choose international schools so that their kids will study a particular foreign language the school offers. But that is not the only criteria for choosing an international school. However, there are other considerations to make when picking an international school.  

The Cambridge International Examination sets the curriculum for all international schools. The primary language used by international schools is English, with a few optional second languages. Their subjects and learning are more expansive and global. The mix of local teachers and expatriates increases the learning scope of students. These schools focus more on teaching critical thinking skills that allow a child to form their own opinions, explore the world, and adapt efficiently. 

What Should You Prefer?

Even though international schools are slightly expensive, you pay for top-notch faculty, facilities, infrastructure, and education that only secure the future. Here are some reasons to convince you of all the pros of enrolling your child in an international school. 

  • Their linguistic skills are enhanced as international schools offer quality education in foreign languages such as Spanish, French, etc. Learning more languages can help them settle in these foreign locations without hassle. 
  • An international school goes beyond the confines of a classroom. It introduces your child to an array of co-curricular activities that are creative, athletic, brain-enhancing, and fun. 
  • The classrooms aren’t flooded with children because they follow a proper student-to-teacher ratio. This negates any chance of avoidance towards your child and allows every student to be heard and catered to. 
  • There is more cultural exposure because the teachers at international schools come from several regions. Your child gets to interact with them and learn about their experiences, culture, persona, and many significant things that contribute to their learning curve. 
  • The advanced curriculum and new-age teaching methodologies put them many steps ahead of their competition when applying to foreign universities and jobs. 
  • Any Indian school providing an international education standard is a doorway for your child to acquire practical knowledge beyond books. Don’t just enroll your ward into any high school in Bangalore; check whether the school is private or international and if it has all the required amenities or not. 


The above points indicate that international schools are better and superior to private ones. We encourage you to do further research on the subject, but you will certainly get the same result and conclusion. 

International schools offer a more child-centered and holistic approach to learning. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential in various areas, including academics, physical development, spirituality, and social development, by being exposed to various experiences.  The demand for a well-rounded education has increased, and students are choosing to branch out beyond borders in search of better jobs and educational opportunities. Therefore, enrolling your child in an international school will help to secure their future.

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