Why Is China Such A Popular Choice for India to Study MBBS?

MBBS Studies in China

For Indian students, studying MBBS abroad is often an excellent chance, and if you decide to study MBBS in China, you will profit greatly and graduate with high-quality medical degrees. China is among the finest nations for medical education and has made significant progress over the years. They offer top-notch instructors, a common medical curriculum, real-world assignments, and exams to polish knowledge. However, MBBS in China is believed to give more than just that. The facilities at China’s medical universities are excellent, and the teacher-to-student ratio is favorable. This enables the professors to give each student their undivided attention, thus improving the quality of instruction. The following are the advantages that studying in China has to offer Indian students who wish to pursue a medical degree.

Benefits of MBBS in China for Indian students

Low-Fee Structure

This is eagerly awaited because, if you do not have scholarships available to you, your ability to fund a study abroad depends on you. As per overseas education consultants, Chinese MBBS universities offer affordable tuition, enabling Indian students to pursue their studies abroad.

Standard Infrastructure

All of China’s medical universities have a solid foundation; the infrastructure is standardized to provide students with all the requirements and amenities for a smooth educational experience. The most recent technology is used in every lab and classroom.

Indian Cuisine

Living abroad while pursuing a degree is challenging for many students who frequently miss home, especially around holiday times. Universities, therefore, offer foreign food so that students can feel completely at home. The canteen offers a variety of cuisines, including Chinese and Indian, as well as snacks.

Valued Medical Degree

The medical degree offered by Chinese universities is well-known around the world. Health and educational organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India accept degrees (MCI). After receiving your degree from China, you can work in India.

Cost-efficient Fee Structure

If you compare the cost structure to other nations including India, it is really affordable. The cost of an MBBS degree in China ranges from 25 to 35 Lakhs, while tuition fees at Indian institutes could reach 50 Lakhs and beyond. This allows people to learn while saving a ton of money and seeing a new location.

Economic Living Facilities

First-year students can afford to reside in the dorms, but as they progress into their second year, some may choose to live off campus to see the city more. The costs may somewhat increase in this area, but they won’t significantly increase. Foreign students can afford to live off campus in China.

ISIC Card and Student Discounts

We are all aware that possessing a student ID has some advantages, but you can also take advantage of several student discounts if you have an additional ISIC card. The ISIC card dramatically reduces the cost of entertainment, food, and transportation in the city. For vacations, students can also reserve inexpensive flights around the nation.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

·         Students must be at least 17 years old to be admitted.

·         He or she must have a science background.

·         PCB must be the starting point.

·         The applicant must possess a 10+2 diploma.

·       Students must be from an accredited educational institution, be HIV-free, and have passed the Covid-19 NEET exam.

·         At least 60% General and 40% Reserved should make up the marks.

PG after MBBS in China

After MBBS, pursuing a degree is a wise move because all countries will quickly accept degrees from China. Students in China who have completed their MBBS can enroll at any university. It is also conceivable to pursue higher education in another nation; for example, you may go back to India or the United States.

Types of PG Programmes in China

·         A one-year internship programme

·         (MD, MS, MDS) two- or three-year programme

·         Introductory classes for three to four months


Some of the world’s top colleges for science and technology research and development, which also provide medical degrees in a variety of fields, are currently located in China. Because of this, China is a wonderful place to pursue an MBBS, MD, or another type of medical degree. For any questions or help on studying in China for medical or other degrees, get in touch with Jagvimal Consultants.

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