QBDBMGRN Not running on this Computer- True Guide

When a QuickBooks network is configured, the QuickBooks database server manager must be running in order to monitor the multi-user network and exchange data files between machines. However, while running the QuickBooks database server manager or using QuickBooks in multi-user mode, users may encounter an error stating that QBDBMgrN is not running on this machine. Such an error is extremely troublesome for firms that require QuickBooks to operate in multi-user mode. It usually happens because the database server manager is not allowed to run due to Windows Firewall settings or because the database server manager was installed with a bad file. You must read this entire article in order to understand the steps you can take to address this issue.

If you need immediate assistance with the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, please call +1-888-704-1357 and speak with one of our technical representatives.

What causes QuickBooks Database Server Manager to stop working on your computer?

The following are some possible causes for the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to stop working on your computer:

QuickBooks Database Server Manager may be prevented from running due to security settings in your computer’s Windows firewall.

It’s conceivable that the QuickBooks Database Server Manager installation file was damaged or corrupted.

A reliable connection could be hampered by network connectivity concerns.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager may need to be updated since it has become out of date.

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What should you do if QBDBMgrN refuses to run on your computer?

Before continuing with additional troubleshooting, ensure that Windows and QuickBooks are up to date on your machine.

If a problem prevents your computer from launching QuickBooks Database Server Manager, you can perform the following steps:

Rename the installation folder after deleting QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

To delete QuickBooks Database Server Manager and rename the installation folder, perform the following steps:

Open the Run window on your computer and type appwiz.cpl into the dialogue box.

From the selection that appears, select Uninstall/Change QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

After you’ve finished uninstalling, navigate to the location of your installation file in the Run window.

Right-click the installation folder once more and rename it with the.old extension.

Installing QuickBooks Database Server Manager in a new configuration.

To reinstall a new version of the QuickBooks Database Server Manager, perform the following steps:

Run the Setup QuickBooks.exe file after downloading it from Intuit’s official website to install QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your computer.

Follow the on-screen prompts and pick Custom or Network Options as the setup type.

Check to see whether the error has been resolved after the installation is complete.


The issue of QBDBMgrN not running on this PC can be remedied by following these instructions. To avoid such issues, we recommend that you maintain your Windows and QuickBooks software up to date. If the difficulty persists after carefully reading and following these steps, please contact our QuickBooks Data Services team at +1-888-704-1357.

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