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Get The Best of Both Worlds with a Shower Bath

The shower and bath are both great bathroom amenities used for almost similar purposes. Though shower enclosures are a recent trend, homeowners may have to choose between baths or shower enclosures. That means letting go of your favourite bathtub for a new modern shower enclosure. Are you too struggling to choose between a shower or bath? The good thing is you no longer need to worry about choosing between these two. You can enjoy your favourite bath and shower even if you don’t have enough space available in the bathroom.  

You will need to choose a shower bathtub that is also known as a shower over bath, that can offer you the best of both worlds,

In this article, we are going to discuss important information you need on choosing a perfect shower bath for your bathroom.

How is Shower Bath Different from an Ordinary Bathtub?

Before we discuss any further, it will be good to know what the shower baths are and how they are different from ordinary bathtubs. It is pretty much similar to a standard bath. But some of them have been shaped to accommodate someone who wants to have a shower within a bathtub. For example, you will find them in L or P shapes where one side is wider in comparison to the other, making it a suitable choice for an overhead shower. You can use either a shower screen or a curtain to prevent splashes from going all around. 

It is also possible that you convert a standard straight bath into a shower bath. The only thing you will need to do is install an overhead shower at one end. But it may not be a spacious and comfortable shower experience as it can be with the specifically designed shower baths. 

Different Types of Shower Baths.

There are the following different types of shower baths available in the market. 

  • P Shaped Shower Baths

It looks similar to an English alphabet p which means you will have a round shape space at the one end of this bathtub. This round shape is the end that is designed for taking a shower. And you will need to install a curved shower screen on this side. The half-circled space provides you with enough space to move around and enjoy a spacious shower experience. 

  • L Shaped Shower Baths 

Another shower bath type that is available in the market is l shaped bath. It is designed in almost the same way. The bending and turning space around the other side allow you to have a shower experience. You can install a square shower screen on that side while having an overhead shower too. 

  • Freestanding Shower Bath. 

Another type of bath that is available in the market is freestanding shower baths. These are used with both overhead and stand-based showers. You can place them anywhere inside your medium to large bathrooms. These cost significantly higher than the standard straight baths. 

Accessories You will Need with a Shower Bath.

We have discussed different types of shower baths. But when you go to get a new bathtub, it will be important to get relevant accessories as well. 

Here are the types of shower bath accessories you will need. 

  • Bath Screen 

There will be a risk of a lot more water splashes with a shower bath in comparison to the ordinary bathtub. You surely want to keep your area dry and organized at all times. Therefore, you will need to order a shower bath screen as well. If you are going to install a p shaped bath, you should over a slightly curved bath screen. Otherwise, a standard straight will work fine in most cases. These shower screens make your bathroom look elegant and appealing. That is what a contemporary bathroom looks like. 

  • Shower bathtub Panel

Bathtub panels are coverings that shield the bottom of your straight bathtub. Without these, your bathroom installation will look incomplete. Most of the time, these come with a bathtub, but if your bathroom retailer does not offer it, you must get them on your own separately. You will need to check whether you need front or side panels available.

  • Shower Head and Bath taps.

Another accessory you will need to bring with you for a shower bath is a shower head and bathtub taps. You will have to order them separately. These are available in various shapes, sizes, and types. For example, you can order a shower head in various shapes. While bathtub taps are also an essential element, these are available in various attractive shapes that will give elegant looks. Perhaps, a shower bath, and good quality faucets and head make a lot of difference when it comes

Final Thoughts

If you look deeply into the shower bath, you will know that these are no new kind of bathtubs but already exists in the bathroom. Perhaps people may; moreover, you will also need to order a panel and shower screen with it for the complete looks. By choosing the right option with relevant accessories, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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