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It also established a black point system that drivers can use to reduce the risk of being cited for driving offenses. Streets to Avoid during Rush Hour although major traffic jams are rare also rent a car in Dubai without deposit it is worth avoiding the areas where traffic is heavy during rush hour. Traffic jams can be deadly at the Shindig Tunnel and Sarah-Dubai highway, as well as the Sarah Bayed Road, Al Was Road, and Emirates Road. A short trip that involves any one of these roads can easily cause delays for up to an hour during rush hour.

Before releasing the vehicle, Dubai rent-a-car providers will ask you to complete the paperwork. It is best to book a car rental online. This will let you know what paperwork you need before picking up the rented car at the Airport.Carla Kaplan is a travel enthusiast who loves to fly to different destinations. She shares tips and tricks to help you get the best mileage from your money when searching for Dubai rent care providers. Learn from Carla’s experience and save time.

You have landed a job offer in Dubai and are now ready to leap. These tips will help make your transition to Dubai as easy as possible and, most importantly, enjoyable. Remember that Dubai is beautiful on the eyes but hard on your pocket Take your driving license with you to change it for an Emirati driving permit. Or, at the very least, skip the regular tests and reduce the time required to obtain a driving license.

Find a chillier place to rent. Dubai’s electricity bills can be very high, especially if you choose to live in a villa. You can avoid the high electricity bills by choosing a chiller-free location. Search for free areas in cheap car rental Dubai.This will help you avoid the Dubai municipality housing fee. The Dubai municipality charges per year, which is added to your utility bill. However, these fees are not included in older neighborhoods and new areas that have been designated as free zones. Renting there will save you an additional.

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You might also consider buying second-hand furniture from people who are moving out. (People in Dubai have grown to be used to the heartbreaking ads posted by ex-pats who moved to Dubai with very attractive packages. Then they were made redundant after a few months. They then return home to sell their brand-new furniture and sports cars. If you become redundant, buying second-hand furniture doesn’t mean losing much.

 Purchase reliable, safe cars and Volvos, and be ready to have a car crash every two years. Also, get good car insurance. Although fatalities are very low, the accident rate on U.A.E. roads is high. Anyone can easily get a car loan to buy a fast car. It’s easy to see the consequences, as roads can be like racing tracks for those jerks. You get used to seeing exotic cars zipping by your lane at incredible speeds. So better to be prepared to drive a reliable 4×4 vehicle. If you don’t have a Volvo or BMW budget, consider a Toyota Land Cruiser and/or Nissan Patrol.

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