Tech visionary Jignesh Shah to storm the nascent start-up ecosystem

Tech visionary Jignesh Shah is set to venture into his new innings, as lies after lies are getting nailed in the legal courts. Although, it was proved by all investigative agencies including the Economic Offence Wing (EOW), Mumbai, that no money trail was ever traced to him or his companies, NSEL and FTIL, but to the 24 defaulters, he was still blamed for the default and painted in the dark.

However, since most actions taken against him and his companies are being quashed by the judiciary, Shah is now ready for his second innings.

Talking about his future plans, Jignesh Shah said in a recent interview that this time he wants to focus on the start-up ecosystem, since he believes that the startup ecosystem wouldn’t be restricted to any exchange or marketplace at all. He said his focus will be more on nurturing and inspiring entrepreneurs on varied scales including agriculture, genetics and robotics in which he would play the role of a mentor because he feels that it will be a diverse structure with an understanding of entrepreneurship.

Shah is known for his innovative zeal and entrepreneurial aggression, a distinct vision and business acumen which can scale up markets, be it start-ups or any other industry with the focus on creating huge employment and value for all stakeholders. His MCX had created 10 lakh jobs in the market ecosystem and Shah believes he can act as a catalyst to create 10 crore jobs in the next decade in the start-up ecosystem.

Going back to his exchange days, he reminisced how his FTIL, now rechristened as 63 moons, revolutionized the financial markets. Jignesh Shah believed in creating many first of its kind institutions in the financial market infrastructure and these institutions are cherished across the globe for their pioneering technologies.

Jignesh Shah played a prominent role in the Indian financial system and his FTIL group has a distinction of being the only entity in India to have achieved and established 10 world class exchanges in India and abroad, covering all the asset classes including equity, debt, currency, commodities, and energy along with and extensive ecosystem.

Jignesh Shah’s group 63 moons technologies is a first-generation enterprise that created new standards and benchmarks in the financial sector and with technology as its core, 63 moons technologies always created new standards in financial innovations. One notable thing here is, that despite 63 moons being in the private sector, it has contributed significantly to the growth of public capital markets. It is 63 moons that took India to the global league with regard to exchange operations in major segments such as commodities, currencies and energy.

Shah says India’s growth story could have continued unparalleled had vested interests not created roadblocks in his initiatives. Shah’s second innings certainly seemed a welcome step for the sagging fortunes of India’s startup ecosystem.

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