The Purpose of Flare Gas Recovery System in Chemical and Petroleum Refineries

We manufacture flare gas recovery and flare gas recovery systems in a wide range of materials ranging from carbon, stainless steels and hastelloys depending upon the application

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What is  Flare Gas Recovery System?

The Flare Gas Recovery Systems (Technically denoted by FGRS) are highly advanced compressing gas packages. which focus on reviving and repurposing petrol, and natural gas emissions, such as LPG/methane and sulfur dioxide, that will usually get combusted during the burning process in chemical and petrochemical refineries. 

It plays an important role in the safe operation of refineries and petrochemical facilities, the procedure involves catching the gas from the flare knock-out vessel and collecting it by means of liquid ring compressors. The collected gases can be used again and again within the facility’s fuel gas recovery system.

one can say it is the most outstanding contributor to the environment and assist in decreasing glasshouse emissions. The Flare Gas Recovery Systems is one of the sterilized solutions to minimize or eliminate gas flaring in oil and chemical refineries. 

The need for flaring gas recovery solutions is to diminish certain challenges due to the conventional or ordinary refineries where the collected gases are blown into the atmosphere that are extremely dangerous and hazardous This results in the formation of higher molecular weight hydrocarbons which will cause serious threats to the environment. Thus a flare gas recovery system is designed by scientists and engineers to tackle harmful gas emissions.

In order to meet the objectives of  Zero Flaring in oil and petrochemical refineries, the skilled operators must discover the most feasible and advanced facility that can easily be adapted to all of their respective manufacturing and chemical processing facilities all over the country. The Flare recovery systems are usually made of materials ranging from carbon steel, alloy steel, Hastelloy, and also stainless steel according to situation and application.

The Flare Gas Recovery System technology is used in ejectors to develop high pressure in the system. Various sources of high-pressure automobile gas can be used to drive a flare gas ejector, including ejector gas compressors, gas from compressor recycling, and high-pressure gas transport in refineries which otherwise get wasted and can be reused for different purposes.

Several key players in this field had came up with innovative ideas to produce an efficient recovery system for gas. The faring systems use advanced engineering software programs and in-house manufacturing raw materials to manufacture the premium quality spare parts for any combustion system from any combustion equipment supplier anywhere in India and also aim to export to foreign countries. A highly sophisticated flare Gas Recovery System prevents the emission of several hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.  A fully integrated production approach from manufacturing combustion recovery systems ensures a systematic experience that will be utilized from the beginning to the end of every project.

The field services engineers, technical support authorities, and expert service technicians are strategically located and trained in the latest standards and certifications to meet emissions requirements. Our services are available throughout the year for emissions testing, reassembling, equipment upgradation, installation, construction, etc. in this article we’ll discuss the prospects of using Flaring gas recovery systems for petrochemical refineries.

The many benefits of the Flaring Gas Recovery System

  • Can attain nearly negligible (Zero) emissions in oil refineries 
  • Ease of installation with minimum accessories and attachments
  • Optimize and reduced noise and light pollution
  • Minimizes operating costs as the refineries can reuse collected gas, reducing fuel costs for the facility.
  • It results in a decrease in overall costs for the facility.
  • It is also used in biogas or digester gas production systems
  • Safely burn surplus hydrocarbon gases (can recover up to 95%), obtained from 
  • petrochemical plants that cannot be reused or recycled

Why You Choose Us 

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The company is taking necessary steps to make the procedure as effortless as possible. Choose crystals for all other applications in inspection, survey, testing, maintenance, etc from start to end of the process.

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