Things to consider when picking a primary school

The primary school years go a long way in paving a child’s traditional learning path. An excellent primary school lays the foundation for children to enhance their knowledge and awareness, learn moral values, and open themselves up to new opportunities.

Selecting a primary school in Singapore can be tricky, given the available choices. Hence, parents should carefully scrutinize the options based on the needs and preferences of a child, along with other factors. Here are some essential considerations parents must make while choosing a primary school for their children.

1. Affordability

Most Singaporean international primary schools have a heavy price tag and can financially burden parents. However, an ideal school strives to build a solid academic foundation while being economical at the same time.

You can opt for a public school in Singapore to give your kids a premium education. Generally, primary school fees in Singapore for public schools range from $180-$200 per month, which is quite affordable. Alternatively, settle for an international primary school that provides the best of both worlds—superior education and affordability.

2. Child’s Interests

Apart from academic excellence, parents want their kids to grow beyond their classroom. A school that provides co-curricular activities can help a child acquire new skills such as leadership, social skills, cooperation, perseverance, and so forth. If your kid has special interests like sports or art, it is worthwhile to shortlist schools aligned with their interests.

3. Location & Accessibility 

Distance and time taken to travel to school can save parents a lot of time and money. A shorter commute will not only allow your child to get those crucial eight hours of sleep and focus on other activities easily.

4. On-Site Student Care

If you are a full-time working parent or couple and do not have helpers at home, you may be interested in after-school care for your kids. In such a case, you may look for a primary school in Singapore that offers student care services and ensures a safe and conducive environment for your children while at work.

5. Languages (MTL)

Singapore has an English-based bilingual education system. Schools are instructed to follow an English-based subject-matter curriculum while teaching the kids their official mother tongue. In Singapore, the mother tongue languages are Mandarin Chinese for Chinese, Tamil for South Indians, and Mandarin Chinese for Chinese, which are taught as a second language.

6. Facilities 

An ideal primary school in Singapore should have state-of-the-art facilities to encourage learning, help kids explore their creativity, and develop innovative solutions for age-old problems. When selecting a primary school, parents should consider one that utilizes a holistic, well-balanced approach to learning that combines both traditional and advanced methods.

7. School Culture

While some parents want to send their kids to a school with Christian values, others may look for a different culture. To get an insight into the school’s culture, visit the school’s website and talk with staff and students. Take a tour of the school in person with your child and speak with the principal to understand the school’s culture and learning environment. 

8. Programs for Children with Special Educational Needs

If your kid has learning problems or disabilities, then considering a school that caters to their special educational needs becomes paramount. Select a primary school in Singapore that enrolls such kids in regular classes or conducts special programs or classes for them.

9. Staff

The role of a primary school teacher is indispensable in shaping a child’s future. An ideal teacher not just instills academic knowledge in students but also offers moral and emotional support that helps build their personality. Teachers make children comfortable in the school’s surroundings and guide them to become familiar with essential life skills. They constantly monitor their progress and help them work on their weaknesses. Look for a school with well-trained, knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate staff.

10. Co-Ed 

The debate over whether boys and girls should learn together or separately has been making the rounds for years. One of the essential things that coed schools do, unlike gender-specific schools, is that they help students prepare for the real world through mutual interactions with the other gender. Such schools make them think outside their cultural cohort by broadening their mindset.

11. Affiliation With Secondary Schools

Many parents want their kids to enroll in a primary school affiliated with an excellent secondary school. It prevents their children from undergoing the complex application process and increases their chances of getting accepted into the desired secondary school.


The initial years spent in primary school set the basis for a child’s learning and determine the course of their future learning. Besides familiarizing yourself with the primary school registration processes, consider these things when choosing a school for your child. If you are looking for a prestigious school in Singapore, feel free to send your child to the One World International School; at OWIS, we offer a holistic education with a strong academic focus to enhance your child’s learning experience.

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