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Trendy Home Appliances of 2023

Each day brings new Electronic Appliances into light providing a lot more energy efficiency and it promises a lot of durability with their built quality. These new devices also come in much compact space which means they take up a lot less space in your room than they used to, giving a clean fine look. Not only do they make your life easy at home but their smart features also wind up all the daily chores in lesser time. When we talk about their designs, it is an absolute class in itself which can add a touch of luxe to your environment. These trendy Home Appliances have revolutionized the way we once thought of completing our tasks around the day with their eco-friendly easy-to-use functionality along with budget-friendly prices. 

If you are looking to restock your home with these new & innovative Electronic Appliances, there are many brands that are willing to offer the latest specs. How to pick one? The brand which provides the right balance between the price and the features offered in the device is the one to opt for. Sometimes the device may seem perfect for use with its reasonable price and amazing quality but it might consume a lot of energy to operate which is a big drawback for any electronic gadget. The decision to settle down for any particular device must be taken very carefully, considering all its aspects. I have put together some of the most recent & state-of-the-art Home appliances so you can find the ones you have been looking for all along. 

EcoStar Sandwich Maker

EcoStar puts forwards its Sandwich Maker for just Rs/-3,900 in black color. This portable electronic device comes with its very own thermostat to control the amount of grill you want your sandwich to have. Although the compact body of the Sandwich Maker is built with steel which can heat up from its normal temperature when the machine is turned on, EcoStar has installed a cool-touch handle & lock lid for better functionality. When it comes to the energy consumed by this Kitchen Appliance, this one is a very low-powered device, requiring only 750W for its operation. Let’s talk about the design seen on this device. The front side of the machine is styled with the EcoStar label & “Heating-up” and “Ready-to-cook” light indicators. Whereas the rubber feet of this Sandwich Maker ensure that it stays in one place. Another plus side to this device includes the non-stick coated cut & seal plates that help with more elaborate cleaning.  


West Point Deluxe Sandwich Toaster

If your mornings aren’t delightful enough, you should look into this Sandwich Maker by West Point which is available in the market for Rs/-4,200. The plastic body of this device does assure it is lightweight to use & carry around whereas non-stick coated cooking plates allow quick easy cleaning, making it an ideal choice to buy. You can enjoy all your favorite snacks in just under 5 minutes by placing the sandwich between the plates & locking the lid. However, this device isn’t quite a leader when it comes to power consumption with the machine core asking for 800W. If your use isn’t going to be much, this Kitchen Appliance can be a good choice to buy but it might put a little stress on your bills depending upon your use. 


EcoStar Steam Iron – Ceramic

This piece of Home Appliance is the real savior when it comes to completing the home chores on time. Available in green & blue colors, meet the ceramic-built Steam Iron by EcoStar which is priced at just Rs/4,500. If you are thinking about what makes it so unique from the ordinary dry iron, there are a lot of answers to this question so let’s dive right in. Steam Iron allows easier functionality when it comes to pressing the clothes properly by spraying steam in a specific amount so when the clothes are ironed, the fabrics have been already moistened which allows much more smooth pressing. Talking about the build of this tech piece, the stainless steel soleplate along with a water tank of 280 mL capacity gives a very stylish design. The easy-to-use buttons are very helpful for beginners and they can learn to use it within minutes.


Panasonic Steam Iron – Titanium Coated Sole-Plate

Smooth ironing is what everyone wants in the morning when they are getting late for office or school. Panasonic Steam Iron can do that for you in just Rs/-5,500. This Home Appliance comes with a titanium-coated sole plate along with auto shut-off features. The design is however the factor lacking for this product with a bit confusing functionality, the new user might need some time to get used to the buttons and the rotating rings. However, this product does bring a certain amount of class to the table with its turquoise-colored transparent container allowing only 210 mL of water.

Choosing the Best

Through a vivid comparison, we can come to the conclusion that EcoStar stands out in all aspects with their advanced built design, energy efficiency & handy functionality. Their reasonable prices justifies all the features includes in their set of Home Appliances. You can buy all the electronic gadgets by EcoStar from DWP Home with Free Shipping & after-sale services. They are the official distributor of EcoStar & Gree in Pakistan, providing authentic brand warranty with their products. To personalize the shopping process for the customer, they have also introduced their app for both IOS & Android based smartphones. Visit their website & shop the trendiest new Home Appliances of 2022 from DWP Home.

Eco-Friendly and Stylish Home Appliances You Need in 2023

Keeping up with the latest trends and technological advancements has always been challenging. With the arrival of 2023, it’s time to update your home appliances and embrace the eco-friendly and stylish options available. These modern home appliances offer the latest features and cater to your needs without consuming much energy.

EcoStar and West Point have introduced their new Sandwich Makers, making breakfast hassle-free and enjoyable. EcoStar’s Sandwich Maker, priced at Rs/-3,900, features non-stick coated cut & seal plates, a cool-touch handle & lock lid, and only requires 750W. West Point’s Deluxe Sandwich Toaster, available for Rs/-4,200, comes with non-stick coated cooking plates, making it lightweight and easy to carry. However, the device’s core requires 800W of power, which can add up to your bills.

Ironing clothes has never been more comfortable and efficient with EcoStar and Panasonic’s Steam Irons. EcoStar’s Ceramic-built Steam Iron, available for just Rs/-4,500, is designed to moisten the fabrics before ironing, making it much smoother and effortless. Meanwhile, Panasonic’s Steam Iron features a titanium-coated sole plate and auto shut-off features, priced at Rs/-5,500. The product design could be more user-friendly than EcoStar’s. Still, it brings a certain level of elegance with its turquoise-colored transparent container.

EcoStar stands out in all aspects when choosing the best, from advanced built design to energy efficiency and handy functionality. DWP Home offers all EcoStar products with free shipping and after-sale services, making it easier to personalize the shopping process. With their app for both IOS and Android, shopping has never been more accessible.

It’s time to say goodbye to your old home appliances and embrace trendy, eco-friendly options. Make your life easier, save energy, and add a touch of elegance to your environment with the latest electronic gadgets. Choose EcoStar and make a wise investment in your home appliances for 2023.


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