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Landscape Irrigation System

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The landscape irrigation system is installed in four stages. First, technical specifications are obtained, then a project and estimate are created, equipment is installed and put into operation. Such engineering communications require an extremely serious attitude and a careful approach to design. It is important to choose the right accessories depending on the conditions of use.

We offer professional development, installation and maintenance of irrigation equipment of any type and degree of complexity. Our specialists know how to organize Landscape & Irrigation in parks, stadiums, suburban areas, dachas and other green areas around public facilities.

Uniform and regular irrigation has a number of advantages:

  • Grasses and flowers receive opportunities for balanced development and growth;
  • Water consumption is reduced;

The presence of a person is not required to care for the garden.

We use proven equipment. Elements of hydraulic engineering complexes are always in stock. We offer affordable rates and guarantee each client an individual approach.

What does a Landscape & Irrigation system include?

Irrigation systems use rotary or static sprinklers, nozzles, controllers, solenoid valves, filters, pumps, as well as fittings, sensors and pipes.

The use of the irrigation complex does not require any special knowledge or skills. The main advantage of its operation is remote control. You do not have to worry about when to turn on or turn off the equipment. All work is programmed automatically. A person does not even need to be present on the territory for everything to function normally. You only need to set the parameters once, and then everything will work autonomously. Sensors record the beginning of rain, and the unit will not work during rainfall.

Since the Landscape & Irrigation system is almost entirely made of durable plastic and is below ground level, you have to worry about it only if you need to dig something up. To do this, after all operations, the engineer will provide a detailed plan for the location of all pipelines and equipment. This is necessary because the finished irrigation system may differ slightly from the plan that was developed before installation began.

There are three types of irrigation system for plants: drip, sprinkler and combined.

Sprinkler irrigation system

The sprinkler provides flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees with moisture according to a well-defined schedule. It is best to install it in the fall. The automatic watering installation allows you to use small fountains placed around the perimeter instead of buckets, watering cans or hoses. They will help to grow a beautiful flower bed or even grass cover.

We will select the equipment in such a way that the elements will be hidden underground or disguised. The appearance of the landscape will remain the same. A remote control can also be included in the package.

Drip irrigation system

The drip option is recommended to be used in greenhouses and for shrubs, trees, and beds growing on the territory. Drip equipment is also used for lawns, but only in cases where the use of sprinkler projects is impractical due to the small size or shape of the site.

The main part of the installation is a tube with many holes along its entire length. Such a device allows you to ensure that water will flow constantly and spread evenly. The speed of the installation is such that water gradually falls on the ground and impregnates it. The advantages of this option are that water does not fall on the leaves and flowers, does not damage them, and does not expose them to the risk of sunburn. Drip equipment does not stimulate the growth of weeds, acts accurately and efficiently. If necessary, the unit can be easily moved.

Combined irrigation system in St. Petersburg

Combined models are universal, they are suitable for almost different sites and combine the advantages of both types of irrigation. Sprinklers are raised only to irrigate the area. The rest of the time, the elements are hidden, do not interfere and do not spoil the design of the territory.

  • Depending on the characteristics of the territory are used:
  • Fan sprinklers:
  • Small sprinkler type sprinklers;
  • Rotary sprinklers with high power and coverage area.
  • The rest of the time, automatic drip irrigation provides moisture access to hard-to-reach places. Combined installations:
  • Establish a high-quality and uniform supply of moisture throughout the territory;
  • Guarantee compliance with the set humidity level settings;
  • Provide access of nutrients and moisture to each sprout individually.

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