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Top 8 significant features of Vastu for the entrance door for health and prosperity

Is Vastu tips for the main door?

Vaastu Shastra is considered an ancient science that is followed for ages in India and is gained popularity, it is practised more in the construction sector. It is believed for ages to place idols of gods and goddesses in the main door will bring peace and harmony to the adobe.  As per Vastu sastra, the facing direction of the Vastu tips for the main door is an essential part of constructing the house.

It is basically the transformation area, which connects the two atmospheric phases indoor and outdoor area. As per Vaastu, the direction of the door indicates this is where good luck and happiness enter the residence. The main function of the main door is not for welcoming guests and friends but for the entry and exit passages of positive and negative energies.

If your main door is facing an abandoned building, unused plot, or broken down place, it induces negative impact and bad vibes to the people entering the house. According to Vastu, an abandoned building is always believed to be filled with bad ambience, so you should avoid your main gate before it at all costs. There should be no wall in front of the main entrance door as it intersects with welcoming positive energy.

Top 8 significant features of Vastu tips for the main door for health and prosperity
Top 8 significant features of Vastu tips for the main door for health and prosperity

The area around the main door should be kept tidy and neat. One should not place broken items like stools and chairs, or dustbins near the main gate. Instead, they are decorated with the OM symbol, the Swastik mark, rangoli, and place plants and flowers.  

According to the main door Vastu for houses and flats, the entrance should be clean, clear, and free from any blockades. The extensive pathway leading to the home should be beautiful, which can be done by planting creeper flowering plants or decorating with flowering pots. The main door can be decorated with ample bright lights around the space to give an attractive look with a customized wooden carved door. This helps in filling the mind and soul with positive energy.

 Top 10 Vastu tips for the main door

  • A clean and clear pathway
  • Select the doormats as per Vastu.
  • The nameplate is created according to Vastu.
  • Steps or stairs to the house.
  • Elegant and vibrant.
  • Avoid shadows on the main door.
  • Bigger and wider door than other doors of the house
  • Avoiding main doors made of metal, instead use a wooden door is the best option
  • It should not face any bisecting roads or paths as they are the home to an array of difficulties.
  • Any crack or damage to the main door should be repaired and fixed instantly. 


Take the help of a Vastu expert

Before constructing a new house, one should consult a Vastu expert for any solutions regarding the favourable positioning of all essential features in a list and select the best possible outcomes. The auspicious Vastu tips for the main door meeting Vastu principles can become an indicator of sound health, wealth, and success in every phase of life. Whereas, an ill-placed main entrance door in the house can bring illness, financial losses, and even debts to the people residing in the house.

To a Perfect Main Door

The direction of the entrance door as per Vastu should always be north, east, and west. According to Vastu the directions that face north are auspicious,  the northeast, or northwest, as these directions are considered fortunate. Avoid having the main entrance gate in the southwest, south, and southeast directions as these are considered unfavourable. 

Use of high-quality wood like teak or mahogany is usually used for making the main door of your home. Select a wooden material that is solid and stands proud, The door should not be made with metal and for welcoming positive vibes, make sure the door does not have any kind of cracks at the time of construction only. We can get the exceptional benefits of using wood as the material for the main door, as it is durable and provides security to the housemates, insulating from heat and cold, and also an excellent soundproof material.

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