Facebook ‘You Can’t Use This Feature Right Now’ Error?

Facebook is an amazing social media site that usually faces no issues but some users have complained about certain problems while they were using Facebook so, in this guide, we are going to tell you all about ‘facebook sorry this feature isn’t available right now’ error and what you can do to overcome it. 

If you see the message ‘this feature is not available right now then, you do not need to worry too much as we are going to tell you how you can fix this problem and use the different wonderful features this social media site has provided to its users.

What to Do When You Encounter the ‘You can’t use this feature right now Error?

This error that the users of Facebook have been encountering a lot in recent days is nothing but a false report. The pop-up reports stating that you can t use this feature right now are messages that stop the spam content from interfering with your surfing of Facebook and prevent any form of discomfort. You do not need to worry too much if you have not violated any terms, conditions, and rules of the Facebook community as these messages will not stop any kind of progress that you are making on your Facebook account. 

There is nothing that you can do about this problem other than following all the rules and regulations of the Facebook community and trying to prevent spamming the posts too much when you are using Facebook by commenting and posting too much. 

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Basic pPints of ‘You Can’t use this Feature Right Now on Facebook

 There are some things that you need to remember about the fb you can t use this feature right now and that is that this error message usually pop-ups when you are spamming too much content on Facebook. And if the error appears when you are loading a page then, it is a false report. 

So you do not need to worry too much and just try to refresh the page that you are using or close it and then restart the application or the browser.

Also, if you are curious to know why facebook is down today, then we have an article in which we have explained the possible reason why Facebook is down and how much it will take to be back. You just have to visit our website

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