4 Tips to Know how to reduce interest rate on home loan

Home loan EMIs might strain your monthly budget if you don’t plan. Remember that the main factors of your monthly payment are the loan amount, the home loan rate of interest, and the loan tenure. Sometimes poor planning results in you paying more on your debt. 

Additionally, it enables you to pay it off more quickly and effectively without ever feeling overwhelmed. The easiest thing you can do is apply with the lending company that gives the best conditions and most affordable house loans.

When applying for house loan, try to lower the home loan rate of interest by using these simple strategies:

  1. Increased Down Payments with Prepayments

Most banks fund 75% to 90% of the entire property value. You must pay between 10% and 25% of the property’s remaining cost. However, it’s preferable to repay more of your own money as a down payment than to pay the least amount possible. On variable-rate loans, lenders do not assess loan foreclosure fees or prepayment. 

Therefore, if you have taken out a loan, strive to make prepayments occasionally. Frequent prepayments will reduce the primary balance and lower the interest paid. However, keep in mind that lenders charge a set amount for early repayment of fixed-rate loans. It is thus advisable to enquire with your bank or lender about any potential prepayment fees.

  1.  Search for better deals online and compare

Banks frequently provide preferential rates to current clients or those with a solid credit history. Aside from that, pay special attention to holiday promotions. Banks usually lower their interest rates over the holidays. Before choosing a specific product or lender, you must conduct an in-depth research on several loan products and compare their rates. You may find a fuller view of the rates and fees charged by numerous lenders on several third-party websites. So, evaluate the home loan rate of interest for all banks first before deciding on a specific bank or home loan programme.

  1. To refinance your mortgage

After you start making loan prepayments, balance transfers become accessible. At a reduced interest rate, you can transfer the leftover principal amount to a lender or bank if you believe the interest rate charged by your present lender is a little on the high side. Balance transfers, though, need to be your final option. On balance transfer-based loans, higher penalties apply to any missed payments. Therefore, only use a house loan balance transfer if you have no choice.

  1.  Boost your EMI and shorten the term

Some lenders provide you the option to change your payment once a year. Therefore, if you change jobs and receive higher pay, you may always choose higher EMIs to shorten the duration. Additionally, if the tenure gets reduced, the overall interest rate on your loan for a house loan would drop significantly. Consult your lender to see whether they provide such choices. 

Your loan duration is one of the main elements determining the interest you must pay, as was previously indicated. Though shorter tenures, like 10 to 15 years, may assist in lowering the overall interest charged, longer durations, like 25 to 30 years, will reduce the monthly instalment amount. By utilising a house loan EMI calculator, you can verify the dramatic reduction in interest for loans with shorter terms. To avoid paying greater interest on your loan, consider the tenure before home loan online apply.


Imagine setting away a particular amount of your money without fail each month for a long time! So, if you don’t prepare, a hefty house loan EMI might harm your financial security and emotional health.

Therefore, strive to lower the home loan rate of interest after and before consulting the financial advisor and following their advice. If you’re approving a mortgage, make the highest down payment. The more you pay, the lower your overall mortgage balance and home loan rate of interest will be.

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