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How to turn a good real estate ad into a great ad

A good real estate ad is essential in the process of renting or selling a property. Approximately 70% of people start their search on a real estate portal and see an average of between 20 and 30 ads daily . Those more complete, with a good description and all the relevant information have more options to be contacted and, therefore, to derive in a visit and to close the transaction. Furthermore, “the link of the real estate ad is going to be shared with friends and family even up to the last phase of the purchase process, and that allows giving great visibility not only to that specific property, but to the real estate agent,” according to Javier Carrero. , member of the fotocasa academy training team .

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But how do you achieve a successful ad that stands out from the rest? “You have to try to get to the client’s emotions, to visualize yourself living in that property,” says Carrero. For this, the following tips can be followed in each field of the real estate ad.

The title: location

Although it is a short text, it is the first contact with the client and, therefore, has a great impact. The most important thing about the title is that it clearly indicates the type and location of the property: each ad usually competes with a hundred more similar characteristics, and these first data appeal to those who are looking for exactly what is offered. They are phrases of the type “semi-detached in the north of Madrid”, “studio in El Born” or “apartment in Gandía beach”. It is advisable to specify the geographical location as much as possible.

The featured photo

Photographs are probably the most important elements of the advertisement , which may or may not cause the crush on the potential client. It must be, therefore, the most striking image. In a single-family house it will surely be a view from the outside, in an emblematic building it can be interesting to highlight the facade, and if you have a terrace with sea views that is what can attract the most attention. Therefore, there is no single solution, but it will depend on each case and what is most valued in that type of property.

The photos of the real estate ad

If the essential requirements have been taken into account during the photography session of the property and the keys to obtaining good photos are followed , a good number of images will be available. But how many to put and how to order them? It will depend on the house, because a studio is not the same as a single-family villa with a pool, but the ideal would be about 20. It is recommended to select two photos for each stay, and order them as if the house were being visited, from the entrance down to the bottom. The objective is that the buyer can imagine the distribution to facilitate its visualization within the home .

“You have to know how to choose and achieve a good overall effect: perhaps a photo of the door will not contribute anything, and if one has not turned out well, it is better not to put it. The objective is that they want to visit the house, nor is it necessary to teach in the advertisement to the last corner ”, indicates Carrero.

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The description: the power of words

Obviously, the description must contain the characteristics of the house, but it must avoid an aseptic tone and also appeal to emotions. You have to give yourself a little imagination but it is important, at the same time, not to overdo it: “It is better to use words that everyone understands and to cut a little the wings of the real estate writer that we can carry inside,” according to Carrero. “You have to think of a reader not specialized in the sector, who must be able to understand the text well.” Of course, it must be well written and without misspellings.

The description must follow, like the photos, the route that would be taken in a visit : from the area or neighborhood to the type of building, the floor plan, the parts of the house and its characteristics and benefits. Simply indicating “air conditioning”, or even an abbreviation, is not the same as indicating “air conditioning in the main rooms for perfect air conditioning”, nor do phrases like “in the heart of the city” have the same force as simple “central”.

The length of the description of the real estate ad must be between 250 and 500 words: less would be too short an ad and more would require a lot of scrolling , especially in mobile inquiries, which are already 65% ​​in the case of real estate portals.

Custom message

It is important to try to think about the profile of the possible person interested in that specific property and personalize the message to appeal to their needs, but without excluding other audiences. Thus, phrases such as “investment opportunity” are positive compared to “investment only”, which would leave out anyone looking for a property to move into.

Call to action

To end the description, it is advisable to include a call to action that encourages you to call and arrange a visit to the property. Some examples are phrases like “Do you want to be the first?”, “Do not miss this opportunity. Come and see her!” or “Call now!” It is important to have several of these resources and not to repeat the same formula in all the ads of the same agency.

Netiquette : online education

In addition to taking into account the aspects for each ad field, all of them must respect the rules of online etiquette. Above all, capitalized texts should be avoided. On the one hand, because the capital letters, in a digital environment, are interpreted as a scream. At most they can be limited to a specific word or the ad’s call to action, but never use them in the whole description. In addition, Google search engines penalize uppercase texts.

Another important rule that must be taken into account refers to the use of abbreviations or expressions typical of the real estate jargon: as much as there is no doubt from the agencies about the meaning of “4h”, “aa”, “VPO” or “CE “, Potential clients do not necessarily know that they correspond to” 4 rooms “,” air conditioning “,” official subsidized housing “or” energy certificate “, respectively.

In short, it is about offering an attractive vision, a pleasant read, with good images and without elements that make it difficult for the client to imagine himself in that property. The next step will be to wait for your call to arrange a visit.

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