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7 Cool Places to Visit in Dubai with Kids

Are you tired of watching your kids glued to the television or playing video games? Then we have a solution.We have created a list of some cool places where you can take your kids to have a good time. Let us get started right away.

  1. Dolphin Bay Dubai

Once you purchase tickets to the Dolphin Bay in Dubai, you have signed up for an adventure you are not going to forget in a hurry. Once get the Dolphin Bay Dubai tickets, then you will get 30 mins to interact with the dolphins and take a swim with the beautiful animals, all under professional supervision. Before your activity begins you will receive safety instructions from trained instructors and you must attend this session. This activity is perfectly safe for you and your kids as the water level does not exceed 3 meters.

  • Dubai Butterfly Garden

Treat your kids by paying a visit to this heavenly garden that is home to over 15000 butterflies. The garden is beautifully designed and has an enchanting vibe, you will feel welcomed instantly. Do visit the pond and take a look at the colorful Koi fish in it. The garden has ten domes in it that house butterflies.

  • Evening Desert Safari Tour

Why not take your kids on a desert adventure? An evening desert safari will be perfect. Enjoy a host of activities and then watch a grand sunset in the desert. The Dubai evening desert safari includes the dinner package, and then you are going to be delighted with the BBQ buffet dinner served at the campsite. This safari is not just fabulous for adults, but kids are going to love the camel ride and fire show too.

  • Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

You what will bring a smile to your kid’s face instantly?  When you tell him or her that you are planning to visit Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park. This is pure heaven for kids, the park has dozens of entertaining rides and thrilling slides. The park also has an aquarium called Lost Chambers, which houses more than 65000 aquatic creatures and you are going to love seeing them and learning interesting facts about them. You must remember that you are not supposed to bring any food or beverages from outside.

  • KidZania

This is an amusement park with a difference, here through games kids can get a glimpse into the professions of adults. So, they are divided into groups, some become policemen, some become firemen and then they have to work together to solve a myriad of problems. Do not be surprised if your child seems grown up after a few hours.

  • Global Village

This is yet another place to have a fun time with your kids. The different pavilions are great as they showcase culture from all over the world so you never know your kids could be very curious and may become globetrotters.

  • Dubai Frame

Believe us when we tell you, that the sheer beauty of the structure will blow not just your kid’s mind, but yours too. The structure is shaped exactly like a gigantic photo frame. The structure stands at a height of 150 meters. From here you can get a view of the old Dubai and the Newer side of Dubai too.

Final Thought

So, these are the 7 coolest venues that you can visit with your kids. Please keep in mind that all the venues have very strict rules that you need to follow. You book tickets online and you shall receive confirmation within a few business hours. There is no doubt that these places offer the best entertainment that money can buy.

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