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Benefits of Using a Push Button Door Lock

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Ahmed Khan

A push button door lock is a type of locking device that uses a button to open the door. It is often used in combination with a keypad or key card reader. There also are several benefits to using a push button door lock. Keep reading to learn more about push button door locks and their benefits.

What is a push button door lock?

push button door lock is a locking device. Most push button door locks are installed inside a door and are used to lock the door from the inside. The lock activates by pressing a button, which can be either manual or electronic. Manual push button door locks usually have a metal bar that pushes down to activate the lock. Electronic push button door locks typically have a keypad or touchpad that uses a code to activate the lock. A few different types of push button door locks are available on the market.

The most common type is the keyless push button door lock. The keyless lock does not require a key to operate and activates by entering a code into the keypad or touchpad. Another type of push button door lock is the keyed push button door lock. This type of lock requires a key to operate and activates and unlocks by pressing the button. Most push button door locks are fairly easy to install. They usually come with a kit with all the necessary hardware and instructions.

The installation process usually involves attaching the lock to the door, attaching the door strike to the door frame, and running the wiring. It is usually a good idea to have a professional install a push button door lock, especially if you are unfamiliar with home improvement projects. These locks are becoming increasingly popular because they offer several benefits over traditional keyed locks.

What are the benefits of push button door locks?

One of the benefits of a push button door lock is its durability. The push door lock’s ability to withstand ongoing use without breaking or wearing down makes it durable. This type of lock typically has a longer lifespan than traditional locks, which can wear down after frequent use. Additionally, a push button door lock is less likely to experience mechanical problems, such as jamming or breaking, because of its absence of moving parts. Another benefit is increased security.

With a traditional key-based lock, anyone with a key to your door can let themselves in. A bush button door lock makes it much more difficult for burglars to break into your home or office. It is difficult to force the push button door lock open without the key. The lock has a spring-loaded plunger that retracts when the key is inserted and pushes the bolt mechanism into the locked position when the key is turned. This design makes it difficult to pick or bump the lock, because there is no exposed lever to manipulate.

Push button door locks are also convenient. Rather than having to fumble around with keys when you have your hands full, you can simply press a button to unlock the door. This is especially helpful if you have children or pets that like to run out the door without you noticing.


Overall, the benefits of using a push button door lock are vast. They include increased security, convenience, and efficiency. With a push button door lock, you can easily and quickly unlock your door without fumbling for your keys. This can be especially helpful if you have your hands full or carry a lot of packages. Additionally, a push button door lock can help to keep your home more secure, as it is more difficult for someone to gain access to your home if they do not have a key.

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