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Four Reasons Cockroaches are Dangerous in Escondido

Cockroaches are creatures you never want crawling around your home’s dark areas and spreading foodborne diseases. However, many species of roaches in Escondido want to set up camp in your home. Roaches are unwanted visitors that can give you a nightmare. While they usually venture inside to stay away from the rain, they may decide to stay for good if they can find a good source for their basic needs. This makes Brooks Pest Control a vital part of homeownership. By having your check regularly checked and treated for pests, especially roaches, you do not worry about the adverse consequences of having these pests in your home. Roaches are some of the scariest creatures you may encounter. Here’s why:

They Eat Anything

Cockroaches will nibble on your eyebrows, eyelashes, and toenails while you sleep. Also, they will eat their carcasses, as well as bookbinding, meats, pet fur, sweets, wallpapers, dead skin, beer, and garbage. 

They Can Live for One Week Headless

Cockroaches do not look for their heads that have been detached from their bodies. Without their head, roaches can survive without them. They breathe through small holes in their exoskeletons and have an open circulatory system. However, they still need their mouth for eating and drinking. 

They Can Hold Their Breath for Minutes

Water does not deter roaches because these creatures do not drown once flushed down your toilet. This is because they can hold their breath for up to seven minutes.  According to some sources, these creatures hold their breath while on dry land to converse the water they have in their bodies.

They Can Contaminate Your Foods

Roaches are quite filthy. They harbor pathogens that produce diseases and carry bacteria in their bodies, feet, and legs. They can cause or aggravate a lot of diseases such as typhoid, staphylococcus, polio, dysentery, salmonella, asthma, eczema, and streptococcus. 

The idea of cockroaches crawling around in your home’s dark, damp areas is already a cause for alarm. However, if you realize they have attacked some of your processed foods, you might go on a rampage. To avoid this, store all food in airtight containers and toss out old or rotting food. 

While cockroaches are dangerous and scary, they can be eliminated. When you first see a sign of a roach issue, act quickly. Contact a pest control professional who can inspect your house and offer complete pest control services. They will identify the issue and recommend the appropriate treatment. Also, they can help protect your house from another infestation. 

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