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All The Information You Need to Know About Galvanized Plumbing In New York

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Galvanized plumbing systems are made of galvanized pipes. Galvanized pipes are used for plumbing systems from a very long time ago. As a result of the many disadvantages associated with galvanized plumbing systems, galvanized plumbing in New York City is not preferred in the present day. However, many old homes are still present in the city in which galvanized plumbing system is used. In this article, you will learn about this old plumbing system.

What are galvanized pipes which are use for galvanized plumbing?

Galvanized pipes are used for the plumbing system to replace old lead pipes. Because lead pipes have a lot of drawbacks. The galvanized pipes are made with a combination of two metals. It is very easy to galvanize steel metal, and steel is the first metal that is used for the galvanization process.

The steel is the essential building part of galvanized pipe. The second part of galvanized pipe is melted zinc. Pipes made with steel are coated with this melted aluminum in different ways. As a result, a thin layer of zinc coating is placed inside and outside the pipes.

The chance of corrosion appearance in the plumbing system can be minimized. This method can also increase the age of the water supply pipe. Galvanized pipes can be used in the plumbing system for nearly forty years. After forty years, it is better to replace these piping systems.

There are several benefits of galvanized coated pipes as well as there are some disadvantages also present.

Is galvanized plumbing in New York city preferred?

In New York City, the resident does not like to put galvanized pipes in their plumbing system; Because galvanized pipes have several disadvantages. The main drawback of these pipes is that many minerals are stuck on the inner side of galvanized plumbing pipes with time.

The minerals cause the low pressure of water. This plumbing system in New York is discouraged because the aluminum coating inside the pipe starts a chemical reaction with the water and water mineral and starts disappearing; after that, corrosion starts inside the pipe.

This situation is not suitable for any plumbing system. Because once the corrosion starts taking place inside the pipe, you cannot stop it. The only option you left is to replace the whole plumbing system. The third disadvantage that this pipe has is leakage on the joints. 

Does galvanized plumbing system good for health?

In the galvanized plumbing system, steel pipes are coated with zinc coating. This zinc coating is in direct touch with the water. It is approved that the zinc coating has some impurities like lead with the lab tests. This lead can make its way to you drinking water. If you drink water with a mixture of lead, your health might go at risk. So, this system is not suitable for the health of any human being.

What should you do if you had galvanized plumbing system in the house?

If you have galvanized plumbing in New York City, the first thing you can do is replace this plumbing system with copper pipes. The main reason for replacing is that there are very few chances of mixing lead into your water in the copper plumbing system. Additionally, the life span of copper pipes in plumbing systems is higher than galvanized pipes. The age of copper wire is nearly seventy-five years.

The second thing you can do with galvanized plumbing in New York is to take proper care of these pipes by cleaning the clogs and garbage disposal in the plumbing system.

Some drawbacks of using galvanized pipes in the homes

Many different types of problems occur with using galvanized pipes when they are used extensively for a long time. Typically, after 30 to 40 years of their use, a series of problems arises in them. The first thing is the building of rust and corrosion in them. Corrosion starts building up on them in layers with time when their exposure to dirt and water. Secondly, they encounter the problem of leaking from their joints, low water pressure, and bursts with time, which can cause temperature changes. The third is the health risk associated with them due to the use of impurities of lead and other heavy metals in them. Last is the change of water-color to get like rusty color.


  • Can galvanized steel be used in plumbing?

Corrosion results from eroding zinc coatings on galvanized pipes with time. When pipes corrode, toxins like lead may accumulate. If lead gets into your plumbing pipes, you could ingest it. If galvanized pipes are not replaced with safer ones, galvanized water could pose a health hazard.

  • Does copper pipe outperform galvanized pipe?

Copper pipes are better than galvanized pipes because of all their benefits. Their durability, longevity, and lack of lead make them more environmentally friendly.

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