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How to change watch crown

Last Updated on March 9, 2024 by Ali Hamza

After removing your old watch crown and measuring it to find the right replacement crown, you can replace it and attach it to your watch case. Replace your watch crown using this guide.

To prevent dust and debris from entering your watch case, the new crown must perfectly fit the watch case and stem. If this repair needs to be simplified, take your watch to a professional.

I will share some useful tips with you so you can easily change your watch crown.

Tools Required:

Two-component epoxy

The pin vise

Pegwood or a toothpick

Writing pad

A tray for parts

Watches have stems.

Crowning a new watch

Step 1

It would be best if you first fit your new watch crown to the watch stem before attaching it to the watch case.

Put the watch stem in the pin vise. Widen the pin vise jaws and close them around the watch stem’s movement end, leaving half of the threaded portion out. Thread your watch crown onto the stem clockwise. It fits well if the right size.

The crown will slip off the stem if it’s too big.

The stem won’t thread a small crown.

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Step 2

Loosen the jaws and ensure the crown fits your stem and is threaded. Insert the watch case and the movement’s stem and crown. After aligning the movement and movement ring, insert the watch stem. Insert it fully.

If the watch stem is shorter, the crown is not flush with the watch case.

The watch hands will only move if the watch stem is longer.
The watch stem should fit when testing the hands.

Step 3

If the new crown fits, remove the watch stem. When you have a stem that fits that watch case with the crown, replace it in the pin vise as you did before, with about half of the threaded portion sticking out. Once the stem is back in the vise, turn the watch crown counter-clockwise to remove and place it in your parts tray. The watch stem can now permanently attach to the crown.

Step 4

Place two equal amounts of each epoxy component on your notepad. Keep the dots close enough to judge size but not touching—Pegwood or toothpick to mix epoxy’s two parts. Thirty seconds will evenly mix the epoxy.

Step 5

After mixing the epoxy, dip the stem tip in the pin vise. Epoxy should only cover watch crown threads. Spin the stem in glue to evenly coat the tip.

Thread your watch crown onto the epoxy-covered stem tip and turn it clockwise until it stops. Epoxy seals the watch stem and crown to keep dust and debris out.

Step 6

Let the stem and crown sit for five minutes to set the epoxy.

Step 7

After the epoxy sets, remove the watch stem and crown from the pin vise. The stem and crown holes should match the watch case’s movement and movement ring holes.

Step 8

Put the stem in the watch case and move. Push the stem until the crown is flush with the watch case. Tighten the stem’s small screw.

Gently tug on the watch crown to keep the stem in movement.

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