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Environmental impact of electric scooters;

The impact of transport on the environment is varied. Greenhouse gas emissions related to the use of vehicles are the subject of the greatest attention. In fact, emissions are one of the most important impacts of transport because they affect the environment, while other impacts are local. Fuel consumption is closely related to vehicle emissions. 

Much of United State fuel comes from non-renewable sources, and there are concerns that current technology used in Electric Scooter for adult transport systems may not be sustainable in the long term. The fuel has caused a lot of emissions that pollute the environment. Controlling fuel consumption is a key factor in reducing the environmental impact of transport.

Transport in Australia is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. Around 87% of Australian commuters go to work. According to the Australian Department of Energy and Transport, approximately 70% of greenhouse gases are emitted by the energy and transport sector. Greenhouse gas emissions have increased 62% since 1990, more than any other industry. Q. Data shows that transport emissions are increasing and will increase by 82% by 2030.

3 reasons why using an e-scooter is good for the environment.

In recent years, electric scooters have grown rapidly all over the world.

1. Electric scooters reduce CO2 emissions;

The more electric scooters are used, the greater the ecological benefits. According to Lime, an e-scooter will reduce CO2 emissions by 350 grams per kilometre. The average life cycle emissions of a car are only 400 grams of CO2. So driving a scooter trumps a car.

2. Electric scooters reduce noise pollution;

Car noises seem to be the most common noise source for Australians. In a detailed 2004 report examining residential noise pollution in Australia, 46% of respondents said their quality of life was negatively affected by noise pollution. Electric scooters are virtually silent, and their widespread adoption as an alternative to cars could significantly reduce the harmful effects of urban noise pollution.

3. Traffic jams;

Sydney and Melbourne are the United State’s busiest cities. So users have to spend an average of 50% longer than free vehicles, while their average speed can increase from 29 km/h to 34 km/h. With the help of Electric scooters we can reduce traffic jams

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