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School Security: Grandpa Offers Security Fence to The School

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If you like to keep up with the NEWS, there’s a sensation going on right now. In Morro Bay, an elementary school named Del Mar Elementary lacked security fences all around the school, which left the school open for anyone to walk in and out of the premises. Hence, a student’s grandpa named Medford Bragg crossed across the school when he noticed this major fault in the school premises.

After the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, having such a major security lag was unacceptable. So, Bragg had a meeting with the school principal regarding this issue and also contacted the local administration regarding the same issue. However, California is not a place where anyone can do as they like. So, Bragg initiated a campaign to raise funds for the fences and received support from fellow parents.

But even though his concerns were genuine, his fence was a direct violation of the rules of the Californian government. Eric Prater, superintendent of the San Luis Coastal Unified School District, said, “We can’t just put up a fence. Everything, even a temporary fence, must be carefully considered.”

Installing temporary fences

Del Mar Elementary is not the only school that lacks a physical barrier, but there are many schools that have the same problem. Although the district knows about it and has installed temporary barriers in many schools, many are still struggling with the barrier issue. And building a fence, even for an elementary school, can be expensive.

So, the district hopes to finance the new project with the new tax revenue as it places a $349 million school modernization bond measure in November this year. It will cover various items like improved classrooms and modern facilities in the school along with fences for proper security.

What immediate measures can schools take?

If a school lacks borders to keep trespassers away from the school premises, they must at least hire armed security guards. These security guards are one of the most prevalent options for schools that do not have physical barriers. For example, in the main cities of California, such as Los Angeles, schools hire security guards in Los Angeles to secure their school premises from unwanted visitors.

Here are the benefits of hiring armed security guards in school.

  • Deterrence

The main help of armed security guards is deterrence. And why wouldn’t it be? Armed security guards are armed with guns which are enough to scare away a person. They are physically deterrent, which helps them avoid maximum problems. If the threat gets higher, they can also use lethal force within the premises to protect innocent children from any harm.

  • Patrolling

A school with no barriers is vulnerable to attacks and also to get hostages for criminals. That’s why it is necessary to patrol the area frequently to look for troublemakers. Armed security guards do the same thing. Every day there are hundreds of people who pass by schools. If the school has an armed security guard patrolling the premises, no outsider will try to forcefully get into the school’s area. So, they make a good security option for schools.

  • All round security

When you hire armed security guards, they will not only be limited to protecting the school from outsiders but also will help you with daily chores of the school, such as keeping discipline in the school, ensuring children do not go outside the school’s premises, and everything is nothing out of normal.

For these reasons, hiring professional armed security guards in school is important. However, as armed guards are the top level of security, they can be expensive for most schools. So, you can also contact a professional security company and hire unarmed guards in schools. Even a normal guard is equipped with optimum equipment, which helps them keep the school safe all the time.

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