With the improvement of portable stages and web advances, PC games have become very far and wide in our country as well as everywhere, and have turned into a famous medium consumed by enormous masses paying little heed to orientation and age.

The Digital Game Design Undergraduate Program which will be a trailblazer with an approach that unites various teaches like craftsmanship, innovation, and economy under the top of plan in our nation and Istanbul, expects to give qualified HR to the area and to make progress both at neighborhood and worldwide level by making imaginative, creative ventures and groups. Points.

The Digital Game Design Undergraduate Program, opened under the Faculty of Communication, not just unites the fields of programming, workmanship, and plan in the illumination of an interdisciplinary methodology yet additionally offers an interdisciplinary review climate throughout our college, particularly the Faculty of Engineering and Education.

Understudies, who will meet in framework courses in the principal year, make their most memorable strides towards specialization by picking one of the product and workmanship verticals under the top of the plan by their capacities in their subsequent year.

The understudies who will run into each other in the future in the venture courses transform into game groups and produce together under the management of our school personnel. Homegrown and global temporary positions to be helped out through the COOP framework and BUG sectorial correspondence network inside our college, which understudies to meet up with the business world during their schooling, support their experience of the understudies and update their insight.

Notwithstanding the University Game Laboratory (BUG)

laid out inside the Faculty of Communication and the Game Design Graduate Program (Master BUG) laid out under the Social Sciences Institute, the European game scene action focus BUG Berlin, game creation studio BUG Pro arrangements straightforwardly add to the program.

This program, which has a successful effect by working in joining with Cry motor Academy, which was laid out in organization with the world game monster Cytec, and the computer-generated simulation hatching focus VR First BAU, is a trailblazer for our country.

Understudies and graduates can profit from the consistently extending global associations of the division and its wide sectorial correspondence organization; they have the opportunity to meet with financial backers by laying out their groups, creating projects, and applying to speed increase projects, for example, Game training camp Istanbul, a starter’s center drive that we likewise support.

This program, which offers all phases of game creation both hypothetically and, to anybody who’s fantasy is to plan a baccarat (บาคาร่า) game, sets out the freedom for its understudies to understand their objectives in a worldwide area.

The Digital Game Design Department, which unites planners and programming engineers at the top of the Faculty of Communication, acknowledges understudies with an MF4 score. Applications are acknowledged and grants are given.


2021 Digital Game Design rankings and base scores have been declared. 2021 TYT AYT (YKS) Base Points and Success Rankings are the college situation scores and rankings for 2020. You can pick by looking at your score and positioning for 2021

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