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Dynamics 365 Implementation Pricing and Partners – What to Look For

Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Tayyaba Shafqat

Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers businesses to enhance processes, manage finances, and drive business growth with powerful, cloud-based capabilities and smart tools that provide data- driven insights. 

Dynamics 365 or D365 takes ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning functionality to the next level with integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence), MR (Mixed Reality -a mix of reality and virtual reality), and ML (Machine Learning). Other interesting tools include automated workflow management, 360- Degree view of processes, predictive analytics, reporting, and fraud protection.  Moreover, smart sales guidance with prompts for agents, MR based remote assistance and many more features bring sweeping change to the daily business processes, while automation tools help optimize and replace manual tasks with intelligent workflows.

The next step for gaining access to those multiple advantages will be to understand the Dynamics 365 implementation cost. Businesses can select and customize the relevant applications as per business requirement. However, to plan the Dynamics 365 implementation cost, enterprises need to focus on internal aspects – primary business goals, budget, licensing expense, and resources needed.

Business Specific Requirements

Dynamics 365 pricing primarily depends on user roles with specific accesses within the organization. Users that require just monitoring or limited write access will have separate licensing whereas those users that work actively on the system, and need full write access will have different licensing.


Anyone, including vendors, agents, employees, and contractors, would need a license to access Dynamics 365 –

Below are the various Licenses Types for Dynamics 365 Applications –

BASE License comes with the initially purchased Business Application at standard pricing, and each full user will need a Base License. ATTACH License allows Dynamics 365 users to add multiple applications through ATTACH License that costs significantly lesser than BASE License. Enterprises can add unlimited ATTACH Licenses with similar functionality to BASE Licenses.

Subscription User License primarily issued to Named Users and cannot be shared but can be used on multiple devices.

Device User License allows multiple users to access the application through a shared device.

Organization User License is issued to the entire organization.

Team Member License is used to share knowledge across the organization, read from any Dynamics 365 Application, and execute basic customer or business processes.

Activity User license is specifically for the users who need more capabilities than available with the Team Members License but do not need the full user license.

Before moving ahead with the planned Dynamics 365 Implementation, it is also better to explore the pricing and cost based features for Dynamic 365 applications.

Business Central –

Essentials: AUD 97 monthly per user would include:

Unlimited users and unlimited companies

Customization and extensibility

Multiple environments

Finance management

Sales and marketing

Sales and delivery

Purchasing and payables

Inventory and Warehouse management

Supply planning and availability

Project management

Premium: AUD 137 monthly per user offers

All features included in Essentials PLUS Service Management and Manufacturing

Team Members: AUD 11 monthly per user

Read Access

Update Existing Data and Entries (with a few restrictions)

Approve or Reject Users’ Workflows Tasks 

Add, Edit, Delete Personal Information

Timesheet Management 

Power Apps and Power Automate

Finance and Operations for Medium to Large Organizations,

AUD 247 monthly per user and requires a minimum of 20 licenses for the complete Dynamics 365 Plan

Marketing - Licenses issued at Organization Level

AUD 2060 monthly per organization for multiple users

Additional Licenses:

Team Member License at AUD 11 monthly per user to access basic processes and knowledge sharing. 

Dynamics 365 Implementation

After exploring the Dynamics 365 Implementation Cost options, it is better to learn about the aspects to consider before initiating the implementation process, as that could be a troublesome ride for some organizations due to various modifications in the existing system.

Identify any anticipated costs varying from the original solution’s price during the planning stage.

Understand the team skill set for smoother system delivery

Finding complexities in the system

Configuring licenses for those involved in the business.

Microsoft Service Partner

Join the journey of Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365 as a business collaborator. A Proficient Microsoft Service Partner like Dynamics Square would consult and guide how best to ensure benefits to the business processes and operations.

Team Dynamics Square understands that some features work independently and integrate seamlessly, while the Experts can help choose the right accesses and features as per the needed functionality for successful business project delivery.

Request Your Personalized Dynamics 365 Implementation Demo with Best Cost Options.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Dynamics CRM Consultant then visit our Tech category.

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